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Dry Film Lubricants Info & Pricing

Pricing & Information for Dry Film Lubricants from Competitive Edge Coatings in CT

What is dry fill lubricant?Ct Dry Film Lubricant

The dry film lubricant is a paint-like coating process which provides a permanent lubrication and protection from corrosion to surfaces of a part with .003-.005" coatingof fine molybdenum disulfide particles. After the dry fill lubricant application and curing, the lubricants bond to the surface and form a solid film. By coating the surface of a sliding or moving part, the dry fill lubricant processes will ensure that lubrication is retained and reduce friction and result in less wear for the part or mechanism. There are dry film lubricants that contain special rust inhibitors that protect the part from corrosion in harsh environments.

Solid film lubrication can be applied to the part by spraying, brushing or dipping in the lubricant. Parts are then thermally cured to permanently bond the lubricant to any metal.

Why use the dry film lubricant process?

Dry film lubricants are used in applications where high heats can breakdown conventional lubricants such as oil or grease. It is also used in areas where components have to be removed repeatedly from inaccessible areas. The dry film lubricant process does not attract foreign particles, such as dirt or metal which makes this process ideal where cleanliness is a concern.

Where to use the dry film process?

Places of concern and a good use of the dry film process are piston skirts, cylinder wall, crankshafts, camshafts, bearings, gears, valve stems, rocket pivots and on any part that will be operated in a corrosive atmosphere. Another good reason to use dry film lubricant is for parts that may be stored for long periods of time.

What are the benefits of dry film lubricants?

How much do Dry Film Lubricants Cost?

The price for dry film lubricants vary between projects and is determined by the type and size of the project. Click Here to download a pdf of our Dry Film Lubricant Prices. Contact Competitive Edge Coatings of CT to get a price for your Dry Film Lubricant project.