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Hydrographics in Connecticut

Competitive Edge Coatings now offers hydrographic services in Connecticut. Hydrographics is a method of transferring printed images to three-dimensional items. At some point in time you have probably seen a hydrographic item, but have not realized it. Hydrographics in CT can be used on a multitude of materials including but not limited to: plastic, glass, metal and wood.

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Competitive Edge Coatings is a powder coating specialist in Hartford, CT

Competitive Edge Coating, located in Connecticut, is a company that can handle all of your powder coating and sand blasting needs. We not only provide services for your small projects but our large capacity oven allows us to service your larger projects as well. Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a decorative and protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers.

With the use of several stages of stripping and pre-treatment in our controlled powder coating environment, along with a durable baked-on finish, Competitive Edge Coating provides the perfect coatings for all of your parts.

Powdering Coating in CT by Competitive Edge Coatings

Competitive Edge Coating uses name brand products in its Powder Coating process such as Nic Industries, Rohm and Hoas, Sherwin Williams, Spraylat and Tiger Drylac. During the Powder Coating Process, Competitive Edge Coatings takes the extra step to pre-bake the metal parts to remove the oils from the metal. This step prevents contamination of the oil going into the powder causing the finished product to blister. Powder coating colors are virtually unlimited with high gloss, low gloss, metallic, and clear finishes available. Special Effects like Glitter, Antiquing and Veining, Holographic and Metallic Finishes, and Rough Pebble finishes are just a few of the many colors and textures powder coating can offer you.

Powder coating will provide a superior finish on filing cabinets, metal tables, shelves, park benches, lamp posts, and metal railing. Powder coating can restore and protect vehicle frames, motorcycle frames, ATV frames, race car frames, snowmobiles, bicycle frames and wagons. There are many household and backyard items that are made of metal or aluminum that can also be restored and protected using powder coating.

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Graffiti Protection Coating by Competitive Edge Coatings in CT

Graffiti is a concern of municipal authorities and public service companies. Competitive Edge Coating, located in CT can provide an attractive and economical solution to this problem. Using a Permanent Graffiti Protection Coating you can protect against spray painting and is scratch resistant and is an outstanding permanent protection against defacement of public property.

Ceramic Coating in CT by Competitive Edge Coatings

Competitive Edge Coating of CT also uses a Ceramic Coating process that is used on headers and exhaust components, this is an aerospace coating. Here again, Competitive Edge Coating takes the extra step to pre-bake the metal parts to remove the oils from the metal.

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Material Blasting & Sand Blasting in CT by Competitive Edge Coatings

Competitive Edge Coating, located in CT also offers sandblasting and glass bead blasting. Some companies don't sandblast the metal surface before coating and this leaves the part without the adhesion to the metal surface. In Competitive Edge Coating's process every part new and used is pre baked in our CT facility to de-grease the surface of the metal and is then sandblasted or glass beaded to the original surface. This sandblasting process increases the adhesion of the powder coating to the surface of the metal. Metals that can be sandblasted and glass beaded are aluminum, cast-aluminum, titanium, cast-iron, stainless-steel, nickel, steel and sheet metal.

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